Monday, April 29, 2013

Moving up and moving on...

You guys know Daddy never passes up an opportunity to start up a new blog, right? Of course right. Okay go here and watch all the new Adventures of Blaire and Van...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My blog has moved!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I’ll Always Remember The Binkies Of Summer

Stop! You must not hop on… Mommy and Daddy’s books!



“I open water park!”



We had a great surprise birthday party for Aunt Rebecca at the park. I didn’t even take a nap! We love to play London Bridges.



Smile quick, before our moms realize that Daddy and Uncle Kip let us climb up here!



This was our historical reenactment of the storming of the trenches. At least I think that’s why Uncle Kip was shouting “over the top!”



Mommy and Daddy said if I put all my binkies in this box for the Binky Fairy I’d get a toy, and that all the little crying babies who need binkies would get one. Honestly, I’m pretty much just playing along for the toy.



The 73rd and final reading of the Binky Fairy book.



The Binky Fairy brought me a phone! I call Holy on it. You wouldn’t believe the long distance charges to Africa!



Coming up next… Holiday World!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Take One

Lyla said it was my fault the Cards lost, because I didn’t wear my Louisville gear :(



Look out below, Isabella!



They called them “bubble catchers” but I know a spork when I see one!



Wait, how old is this kid again?



Daddy said there was more sugar in the juice boxes than in the cupcake icing. Whatever!



I’ll have what she’s having.



Dear lord, thank you for cupcakes, and for birthdays



Uh no officer, I wasn’t texting on this phone. No sir. This is an old phone. It' doesn’t even text!



No way Daddy, I am not going back into that bird cage again!



I can’t believe he drug me back into the bird cage again!



Dirty birds… “I wash hands!”



I don’t care that they closed the zoo train, I’ve got the Daddy Train!


Thank You Easter Bunny!

Shhh! Be verrrry quiet. I’m hunting the Easter Bunny!



Quick, I’ve got to make my escape, before she finds out I stole another egg!



Whew, elbowing Lyla and Isabella is a lot of work. It’s time to take a break, girls. Next year we’ll have to compete against Cade and Emory too!



Say cheese! No, wait, I mean SAY CHOCOLATE!



Uh, Mom and Dad, look over here, I think the Easter Bunny has come back!



I think there’s a rule that you get one birthday per year you are old. At least that would explain all these birthday cakes!



“I do Mommy’s hair.”


Monday, March 19, 2012

Bye Bye Winter?


Mommy you know I can’t take you to Panera for tea… I can’t drive a five speed!



I can’t understand why Daddy wouldn’t let me give him a kiss when we went out to dinner at the Japanese steak house.



Mush! Mush! Daddy and Thatcher the cat aren’t a very good dog team. I don’t think we’re getting into the Iditarod this year.



We’ve secretly replaced this small child’s breakfast cereal with Sweet Tarts. Do you think she’ll notice?



I love the slide at the zoo! It’s completely different from the slide at the park. Or my school. Or the other park. Or the gymnasium. Or Gymboree.



Lookout ladies there’s a tiger RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!



Haha, I fooled you! Silly girls, that tiger is about as real as spring in March. Oh wait…

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Waterpark Has Been Redacted


I’ve heard of alligators in New York’s sewers, but the Louisville Science Center has some mighty big grasshoppers, too!



The driver on the bus says “I Can’t See!”



I like to pretend that Uncle Ed is the gorilla at the zoo, and Mommy is the little Hispanic zookeeper with a mustache.



I have to cover my head in shame because Mommy doesn’t do enough laundry to keep me in clean clothes.



Mommy why are you taking my Twenty months picture, instead of planning my big 2.0 birthday party?



Mommy is teaching me how to cook cupcakes. I think we’re putting twice as much batter in here as we’re supposed to. But that’s okay… bigger cupcakes!



The best part about cooking is enjoying the fruits of your labor afterwards. Sprinkles!



Mommy passed down her secret chili recipe to me. Judging by what it did to Daddy, I feel really sorry for my daycare teachers who had to change all my diapers this week.



Hello, front desk? No I can’t hear you. Speak up! Why can’t they hear me? I hope the water park at Great Wolf Lodge is better than the room service!



Daddy looks kind of funny after a few Great Wolf Lagers.



The closest I could get to The Great Wolf was his girlfriend Violet. She’s like the Bush to his Cheney.



Daddy makes me call him “the great wolf” when I let him wear the ears. But Mommy’s been calling him that ever since we got home. Huh.



Okay it’s time to get my first ever haircut! This is funny though. Why are they shaving that kid’s head? I hope Mommy and Daddy don’t cheap out and go for the Ghandi Package!



Okay let’s do this: make me beautiful!



Oh yes Mrs. Becky tell us all about your grandson’s boyfriend’s stalker’s identifying birth mark… no I’m listening really… I’m not watching these fish, no…



The new spring look is… pretty much the same as the old Winter look, except with a little off the top and a trimmed up back-side.